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University of Minnesota (University) Standards and Procedures for Design (Standards) provided in this manual are intended to assist architects, engineers, design professionals, and Design/Build contractors (A/E) in understanding the University's preferences in the development, preservation, rehabilitation, renovation and maintenance of its landscapes and facilities, as well as, to explain the procedures, policies, and basic minimum requirements for materials and products to be included in University construction projects. As a companion to the University’s Project Delivery Manual, these Standards are also intended to provide guidance for University project managers, administration, and support staff. These Standards are to be used as guidelines and are not to be used verbatim as contract document specifications.

Standards are included, by reference, in every agreement between the A/E and the University of Minnesota, for professional services. Therefore, by contract any and all legal responsibility for project contract document preparation resides solely with the design professional of record.

It is also understood that the basic minimum requirements described within these Standards are in addition to applicable public health, safety and welfare codes and requirements. No attempt has been made to repeat code requirements throughout the Divisions. Where there is no specific recommendation or requirement, the A/E shall exercise their professional judgment. Documents which do not adhere to University Standards will be rejected and returned to the A/E for appropriate revisions.

Each division of the manual contains guidelines that establish the quality of materials and work appropriate for University projects. Divisions 0 through 48 numbers and titles are identical to the numbers and titles contained in the MasterFormat® 2011 Update publication available for purchase from the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) and Construction Specifications Canada (CSC). Guideline information provided in each Division of these Standards is to be incorporated into project Contract Documents.

This manual is intentionally planned to be evolutionary, allowing change as materials and method and/or technologies change. During the contract document preparation phase of the work, Design Consultants are encouraged to present to the University Project Manager alternative recommendations for design solutions and/or manufacturers where there are quality, cost, or time benefits that do not compromise the integrity of the work and achieve the intended goal of the project.


By contract all design at the University must comply with the Standards. However, there are instances when an exception to the University Standards may be appropriate. If a project team would like an exception to the Standards to be considered, the request must be submitted in accordance with Exceptions Request Form. This form and any related documentation shall be submitted to the Project Manager. If the Project Manager allows the exception request to go forward, it will be forwarded to the Standards Exceptions Committee for consideration. Determinations on exception requests made by the Exceptions Committee are final. However, determinations by the committee can be appealed through a formal appeals process. No authority other than the Exceptions Committee can grant an exception. See the Procedures for Design section, item 4 for a more detailed description of the Exceptions Request process.


File Name Format Size Release Date
Exception Request Form DOC 26 K 12-10-2012
Project Closeout Form DOC 42 K 12-10-2012
Construction Document Distribution Matrix (Formerly Appendix X) DOC 79 K 12-10-2015
Duluth Only - Construction Document Distribution Matrix (Formerly Appendix MM) DOC 54 K 12-10-2015
Construction Staging and Parking Application DOC 79 K 05-02-2013

Air Emmision Checklists

File Name Format Size Release Date
Boilers and Furnaces DOC 28 K 05-02-2013
Internal Combustion Engines DOC 27 K 05-02-2013
Lab Emission Sources DOC 24 K 05-02-2013
Other Emissions DOC 27 K 05-02-2013

General Information

File Name Format Size Release Date
Purpose Document PDF8 K 12-10-2012
Administration PDF 91 K 12-10-2012
Procedures for Design/Construction PDF 96 K 12-10-2012
Program Information Requirements PDF 346 K 12-03-2014
Conditions of Contract: Bidding Requirements, Contract Forms, Conditions of Contract PDF30 K 12-01-2006
Sustainable Design Standards PDF 185 K 12-10-2012
Historic Resource Preservation PDF 82 K 12-10-2012

Divisions: 1 through 32

File Name Format Size Release Date
Division 1: General Requirements PDF68 K12-01-2006
Division 2: Site Work PDF240 K05-02-2013
Division 3: Concrete PDF124 K05-02-2013
Division 4: Masonry PDF143 K 11-04-2013
Division 5: Metals PDF211 K05-02-2013
Division 6: Wood and Plastics PDF221 K05-02-2013
Division 7: Thermal and Moisture Protection PDF 51 K 10-24-2014
Division 8: Doors and Windows PDF136 K05-02-2013
Division 9: Finishes PDF71 K05-02-2013
Division 10: Specialties PDF83 K05-02-2013
Division 11: Equipment PDF8 K12-01-2006
Division 12: Furnishings PDF12 K12-01-2006
Division 13: Special Construction PDF155 K05-02-2013
Division 13 - 10: Laboratories PDF195 K01-23-2013
Division 13 - 20: General Purpose Classrooms PDF1,577 K01-23-2013
Division 13 - 30: Food Service Construction Guide PDF270 K01-23-2013
Division 13 - 40: Parking Structures PDF239 K05-02-2013
Division 13 - 50: Landcare Requirements PDF181 K05-02-2013
Division 14: Conveying Systems PDF 69 K 08-21-2014
Division 21: Fire Suppression PDF230 K12-10-2012
Division 22: Plumbing PDF325 K01-23-2013
Division 23: HVAC PDF1,672 K01-23-2013
Division 26: Electrical PDF 425 K 12-10-2014
Division 27: Communications PDF 841 K 05-07-2015
Division 28: Electronic Safety and SecurityPDF 34 K 04-09-2014
Division 31: Earthwork PDF135 K01-23-2013
Division 32: Exterior Improvements PDF28 K05-02-2013

Appendices: B through Z

File Name Format Size Release Date
Appendix B: Dust, Contaminant, Odor & Fungal Control Measures PDF15 K12-01-2006
Appendix C: Pre construction Meeting Agenda (for projects in the Twin Cities) DOC 57 K 12-10-2015
Appendix C - Exhibit A: Contractor Cost Verification Worksheet PDF11 K1-01-2003
Appendix F: Twin Cities Signing and Graphics Standards WWW --- 1-10-2012
Appendix F: Duluth Signing and Graphics Standards PDF815 K10-01-2002
Appendix F: Parking Signing and Graphics Standards PDF4 M7-01-1992
Appendix F: Gopher Way Signing and Graphics Standards PDF239 K6-01-2000
Appendix G: Office of Information Technology Request for Onsite Construction/Temporary Telephone and Data Services DOC 26 K 12-10-2015
Appendix I: Equipment Data Information and Instructions for Contractors Engaged in all Facilities Management Projects PDF236 K1-01-2002
Appendix J: Example of A/E's Project Submittal List PDF 11 K12-01-2006
Appendix R: Standard Operating Procedure for Hot Works & FLS System ImpairmentPDF256 K12-01-2006
Appendix U: Insect and Rodent Control PDF8 K12-01-2006
Appendix V: University Utility Location Register PDF8 K12-01-2006
Appendix W: Prevailing Wage Rate PDF12 K12-01-2006
Appendix Z: Builders Exchange List PDF12 K12-01-2006

Appendices: AA through NN

File Name Format Size Release Date
Appendix CC: Change Log PDF11 K12-01-2006
Appendix KK - Pre construction: Pre construction Meeting Agenda (for projects in Duluth) DOC 54 K 12-10-2015
Appendix KK - Part 3: Request for Interruption of Building Utility Service (for projects in Duluth) PDF 12 K12-01-2006
Appendix KK - Part 4: Equipment Form (for projects in Duluth) PDF8 K12-01-2006
Appendix KK - Part 9: Request for Interruption of Building Utility Service (for projects in the Twin Cities) PDF24 K12-01-2006
Appendix KK - Energy: Request for Energization of Building Services PDF82 K12-01-2006
Appendix LL: University Utility Location Register (for projects in Duluth) PDF41 K12-01-2006
Appendix NN: Utility Meter Report (for projects in Duluth) PDF10 K12-01-2006
Appendix NN: Light Pole Report (for projects in Duluth) PDF10 K12-01-2006
Appendix NN: Emergency Telephone List (for projects in Duluth) PDF9 K12-01-2006

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